Electric Platinum Warranty

Cleevely Electric Vehicles can now offer you a warranty for your EV.

The following components are covered for a sudden and unforeseen electrical or mechanical failure subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty being fully complied with. Please refer to the warranty book for full terms, conditions and exclusions.


Drive System (Front/Rear)
All components including bearings, drive shafts, propshafts, constant velocity joints, 4 wheel drive units.

All components including master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake calipers, servo, brake pumps, brake limiter valve, ABS computer/sensors/pumps.

All components including rack and pinion, steering box, idler box, power steering rack/ram and pump, pressure pipes, reservoir, steering column.

Air Conditioning System
All components including air conditioning pump, condenser, evaporator, (when fitted as standard and excluding accidental damage).

Front/rear suspension.
All components including shock absorbers, coil springs, ball joints, swivel joints, McPherson struts, suspension arms, anti-roll bar.

Wheel Bearings
Failure of the front and rear wheel bearings.

Front and rear window and headlamp wiper motors, heater fan motor, indicator interrupter unit, electric window motor, sun roof motor, instrumentation gauges, centralised locking solenoids/pumps, switches, relays, sensors, horn, power inverter, DC-DC converter, charging port, on-board charger, scroll wheel (excluding deterioration to the rubber), PTC heater (excluding fuse), 3 and 4 way coolant valves.

Traction Battery.
Failure of the traction battery where it causes a control or driveability fault only.

Electric Control Modules
Failure of an electric control module (ECU) to operate either the electric drive motor or any other vehicle electrical components (BCM Modules).

Electric Drive Motor.
Failure of the electric drive motor.


(not an exhaustive list) Include brake frictional material (such as brake discs and pads), consumables, glass, interior and exterior trim, bodywork, tyres, keys or remote fobs, charging cable, paintwork, air conditioning re-gassing or pipes, wiring, wiper blades, air suspension bags, door trims, worn or wearing suspension components, carpets, blue-tooth connections that are not compatible, sat nav / entertainment systems, vehicle chassis, bulbs and lamps.

12 months £600 (inc VAT)

Cover up to £2,500 per claim. Any age vehicle and any mileage. Covers labour costs up to £100+VAT per hour.

Provided by A1 Warranty.

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