EV consultancy service

Choosing your first EV can be so much more than a change of vehicle, it’s a lifestyle decision. That’s why we take time to understand our customer’s needs, driving habits and budget, before recommending a vehicle.

We want our customers to be comfortable with their decision, plus confident about driving and looking after their EV. We always have a range of electric vehicles available on site, so customers can go for a test drive and ask as many questions as they want. It’s a zero pressure environment, and if we don’t have the right vehicle for you, we are happy to source it.

We are different from other car dealers. When you visit us, you won’t be sold to.  We don’t have sales targets, don’t earn commission and we don’t have salespeople like you may have experienced elsewhere.

What we do have is a team of EV specialists who enjoy answering customer questions and helping them decide on the best vehicle for their needs.  Also, because we are all EV drivers we can talk honestly about what it’s like to own and drive one.

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