Electric Vehicle Servicing

Our electric vehicle servicing team of trained technicians have an honest and fuss-free approach to helping you keep your vehicle on the road. With less components than traditional vehicles, there is less wear and tear, so the maintenance and servicing of electric vehicles is very straight-forward. 

At Cleevely Electric Vehicles we believe that the cost of servicing and maintaining your electric vehicle should be as economical as running it. 

Why electric vehicle servicing is necessary – and why an MOT is not enough

Cleevely Electric Vehicles offer a fully qualified, industry standard repair and maintenance facility, giving customers reassurance about keeping their electric or hybrid vehicle in the best possible condition.
We can carry out routine servicing, as per manufacturers specific service intervals, for all makes and models, without effecting your vehicles warranty. But with a pure electric vehicle not having an engine, surely an MOT test would suffice? No. Here are the differences between a service and an MOT.

Electric Vehicle MOT

An MOT is a basic safety check, checking specific parts of the car in accordance with a general set of guidelines.
An MOT is designed to ensure the vehicle is safe at the time of test. On an MOT, nothing is removed. If a wheel bolt is missing, the car will fail the MOT. If a missing wheel bolt cannot be seen because the car has plastic wheel trims, it will pass. The same applies to every part of the car.

Electric Vehicle Servicing

A service is vehicle specific – some cars will need more checks than others and will therefore require more time. Our qualified EV technicians will be aware of any common faults to look out for or prevent from occurring. A service is designed to keep a car safe and reliable until the next service.
A service contains lots of checks that are not checked on an MOT, for example:

  • Checking the auxiliary battery so that you’re not stranded on a cold night.
  • Checking the brake fluid moisture content because with electronic braking systems you won’t feel a problem through the pedal.
  • Diagnostic equipment is used to check everything is working as it should, and that there is no corrosion or dirt on the charging connectors, which could lead to a build-up of heat damaging the connectors.

Considering all of this, we believe an annual service is a good value way of keeping your electric vehicle safe and reliable.
Our servicing will save you money compared to main dealers. And to help spread the cost, you can make regular payments into a ‘Trust My Garage’ payment scheme. More details at: www.trustmygarage.co.uk

In addition to servicing, Cleevely Electric Vehicles has a tyre fitting and wheel balancing bay, four-wheel alignment, diagnostic experience and scan tools, air-con equipment, brand new MOT test bay and full workshop facilities, all manned by our qualified and experienced technicians.