Cleevely EV Mobile was started in early 2021

So we could provide the same level of customer service and expertise, as our specialist centre in Cheltenham, all over the country.

Our servicing prices are listed below (all including vat), if you have a particular enquiry, please contact us. 


Leaf/Zoe/e208/MG/i3   Minor £156   Major £216. For i3 rex £66 extra for oil & filter replacement.

eTron/iPace/Taycan/other from £180

Tesla servicing (different pricing, as we have learnt they have different requirements) – Model S £168      Model X £192      Model 3 £180    Brake strip and clean £216

The CEV Mobile team have control over their own diary, so they can batch jobs together in areas, and work as efficiently as possible. If you wish to make an appointment, or have an enquiry, please contact the team directly at; with a contact name, number, location, and brief job description. On receiving an enquiry, we will contact you as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that we are out on the road working on vehicles too, so it may not be straight away. We aim to reply to all enquires within a 48-hour period. 


We wanted someone who replicated our passion for EV and had the knowledge and skill set required to deliver the best service available. 

James Coates, who has been a personal friend of Matt’s for years, fits that ideal perfectly. Ex-Army, AA and JLR, James is a HV trained technician with many years of experience working on all makes and models. An EV expert, James has his own successful YouTube channel all about EV’s. James has been joined by Paul Smith, hand-picked by James as a top-quality, experienced, and knowledgeable technician.

Cleevely EV Mobile travel the length and breadth of the country, from Scotland to Devon, in full EV vehicles providing quality servicing and repairs on your driveway or workplace. We carry a range of steering, suspension, and servicing parts on board, so that we can maintain all makes and models. Our aim is always to deliver the best possible customer service and quality of work, delivered by professionals who understand EV’s. 

You can get in-warranty servicing done by our team and maintain your warranty validation, due to block exemption rules. We follow manufacturers recommended service schedules, but also check items that we know can cause issues, thanks to our years of experience. If you have a particular enquiry, please email us.


So, after you buy your EV and drive it away, it’s just the start of our relationship. We want help look after your EV and ensure you have many enjoyable years of driving it.


We know the truth about making the switch to electric. It’s definitely a lifestyle choice but can be a really easy one when you have the right EV for your needs. We enjoy driving them and sharing our experience.


We are part of the EV community and genuinely want to see more EVs on the road. If you don’t buy your EV from us, but make the switch to electric anyway, it’s still a win for the environment so we all benefit.

We have a long track record

Our business is growing because we focus on building trust and delivering exceptional service. Much like our sister business, Cleevely Motors, which has been looking after petrol and diesel cars for families and businesses across Gloucestershire for over 50 years.

We are a family business

Well, two families actually, connected by a love of EVs and two sets of twins.


We only have one planet and we need to look after it. Unlike petrol and diesel cars, EVs don’t emit C02 which is a major contributor to global warming. Being emission-free, EVs don’t make air pollution, which is bad for our health and well-being.