Myths and truths about electric vehicles

1. Electric vehicles are expensive

The used market is making buying electric vehicles much more affordable, cars available from £5,000. If you do want a new one, there are generous government grants of up to £3,500 to ease the outlay. We can also arrange leasing options.

Electric vehicle maintenance costs are much lower than traditional cars as they are less complicated and have half as many moving parts. A mile in an electric vehicle is about 4x cheaper than a mile even in an efficient diesel because charging is much cheaper than filling up with petrol or diesel.

2. You can’t drive far in an electric vehicle

The distance (or range) that you can travel in a single charge varies by model, but a used Leaf or Zoe has the range from between 70 to 150 miles. According to Go Ultra Low, the majority of car journeys in the UK are less than 15 miles, so many people would find that an electric vehicle would suit their needs.

3. The charging network is limited

Research shows that 90% of charging is done at home, with people plugging in when they return from work and charging their vehicles overnight when electricity tariffs are often cheaper. In Churchdown many houses have a driveway or communal off-road parking, making the installation of home charge points feasible. There are also government grants towards the cost.

Fed up with paying expensive fuel prices?

Choose an electric vehicle

With news coverage highlighting the impact of carbon emissions on the environment, more people are asking how they can help protect our planet. They are many ways of doing this, but one of the most impactful is changing driving behaviour. A recent article by The Independent reported that replacing a fossil fuel-powered car with an electric model can halve greenhouse gas emissions over the course of the vehicle’s lifetime.

But, with main dealers still keen to sell their stock of petrol and diesel cars, and mis-truths circulating about the costs and range of electric vehicles, it’s easy to see why consumers often find this confusing.

It was after our own frustrating experience when buying our first electric vehicle, a used Nissan Leaf, that we decided to set up Cleevely Electric Vehicles. Our ambition is to provide drivers and businesses with an independent and cost-effective alternative to main dealerships, where we focus on understanding peoples’ needs and driving habits first, before jumping to a solution.

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